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Paul McCartney of The Beatles

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paul mccartney of the beatles

Paul McCartney
James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool on June 18th, 1942. He wrote his first song "I Lost My Little Girl" when he was just 14 and met John Lennon when Paul was 15. The Beatles were created three years later, in 1960 - Beatlemania was soon to follow.

In 1962 The Beatles had their first top twenty hit with "Love Me Do", but it took until 1963 for Beatlemania to begin when they released Please Please Me, their first British number one. Each of the Beatles were awarded the MBE in 1965. In 1969 Paul married Linda Eastman and in the same year The Beatles performed their last live performance on the roof of their record label Apple's building in London which is quite ironic as it was in 1970 that Apple's dissolution meant the end of the Beatles but Paul McCartney just carried on writing and released his first solo album "McCartney" ... known the world over for changing popula music forever, left-handed Paul McCartney will be popular for years to come.

Paul McCartney of The Beatles - Books, Videos & DVD's
paul mccartney back in the us

Paul McCartney: Back in the US
Described as a rock 'n' road movie, this unique DVD takes you on a three hour trip right inside the tour that has rocked America. Classic Beatles and Paul McCartney tracks including All My Loving, Band On The Run, Back In The USSR, Blackbird, Coming Up, Getting Better, Helllo Goodbye, Here, There and Everywhere, Hey Jude, Jet, Let Me Roll It, Let It Be, Maybe I'm Amazed. My Love, Something and many more. Experience a front row seat for more than 30 songs - close up and all in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound

paul mccartney encyclopedia

Paul McCartney Book: Encyclopedia
Taking in his many love affairs, from Linda to Heather Mills, his passion for animals and his fights for their welfare, his many charitable contributions and care for those less fortunate in society, this is an encyclopedia of all things McCartney. It covers his opinions about drugs and his various drug busts, his family history from birth, plus his songs, records, friends, concerts, schools, homes and the honours bestowed on him, together with a discography, bibliography and chronology.

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paul mccartney unknown Paul McCartney Book: Unknown Paul McCartney
It seems that while conquering the pop charts, first as a member of the Beatles, then with Wings, Paul McCartney has led a bizarre double life. This book reveals how the man who wrote "Hey Jude" and "Silly Love Songs" has also recorded bizarre sound collages, mixed guitar feedback with chainsaws, and become perhaps the only musician of his generation to have an underground ambient/techno/dance hit.
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