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Born 17 October 1973 Marshall Bruce Mathers III, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Eminem burst onto the US charts in 1999 with a controversial take on the horrorcore genre. Mathers endured an itinerant childhood, living with his mother in various states before eventually ending up in Detroit at the age of 12. He took up rapping in high school before dropping out in ninth grade, joining ad hoc groups Basement Productions, the New Jacks, and D12.

The newly named Eminem released a raw debut album in 1997 through independent label FBT. Infinite was poorly received, however. The following year after The Slim Shady EP, named after his sinister alter-ego, Eminem was signed to Aftermath Records by label boss Dr. Dre, who adopted the young rapper as his protégé and acted as co-producer on Eminem's full-length debut. Dre's beats featured prominently on The Slim Shady LP, a provocative feast of violent, twisted lyrics, with a moral outlook partially redeemed by Eminem's claim to be only "voicing" the thoughts of the Slim Shady character.

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eminem book angry blonde

Eminem Book: Angry Blonde
A glimpse at the REAL Slim Shady: Enigmatic rap superstar Eminem His dominance in popular culture cannot be denied. His controversial songs and personal dramas have been the subject of headlines in just about every major international music magazine and newspaper. His refusal to pander to the press and his often flippant statements during interviews have only added to his appeal for the millions of young fans who worship him. Whether it's his nasty divorce with his wife Kim, his ongoing battle with gay rights organisations, the extraodinarily violent content of his songs, Eminem and his exploits cannot avoid the media spotlight.

eminem book the dark story of eminem

Eminem Book: The Dark Story of Eminem
Nick Hasted's book traces Marshall Mather's rise to fame from the schools and workplaces of his native Detroit to global superstardom. Continually reviled, sued and criticised, Eminem continues to be a major cultural force and the author explores his impact on other stars from the Pet Shop Boys to Tori Amos. The book comes right up to date with an analysis of Eminem's success and his debut as a film star in the semi-autobiographical movie, "8 Mile".

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Eminem Film: 8 Mile
Rap star Eminem makes a strong movie debut in 8 Milel. Jimmy Smith (Eminem), nicknamed B Rabbit, can't pull himself together to take the next step with his career--or with his life. Angry about his alcoholic mother (Kim Basinger) and worried about his little sister, Rabbit lets out his feelings with twisting, clever raps admired by his friends, who keep pushing him to enter a weekly rap face-off. But Rabbit resists--until he meets a girl (Brittany Murphy) who might offer him support and a little hope that his life could get better. Eminem reveals a surprising vulnerability that makes 8 Mile vivid and compelling.
eminem 8 mile dvd
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