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Alan Titchmarsh of Ground Force

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alan titchmarsh ground force gardener

Alan Titchmarsh
The Ground Force star, born 2nd May 1949, in Ilkley, Yorkshire announced to school friends of the age of 10 that he would be the next Percy Thrower, although those ambitions were, he tells us, fudged in some uncomfortable encounters with the opposite sex (He always picked girls who were taller than him, and the relationships didn't last).

His first experiences as a gardener at the Royal Botanical Garden at Kew are full of the kind of quirky incident that makes his writing appealing. As his fame grew, Titchmarsh began rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nelson Mandela Julia Roberts and the Queen.

Alan Titchmarsh has had a passion for gardening for as long as he can remember, and with such great programmes as Ground Force under his belt it seems he'll be on our screens planting and pruning for many years to come.

Alan Titchmarsh - Books, Videos & DVD's
alan titchmarsh autobiography trowel and error

Alan Titchmarsh Autobiography: Trowel and Error
Trowel and Error is described as a "touch of the memoirs" by Alan Titchmarsh now a national institution; with his characteristic good humour and charm. Communication is his special skill, and it was to be expected that Trowel and Error (the groan-inducing pun is all part of the Titchmarsh armoury), would be revealing and evocative. Many a book conceals a rampant ego behind an "aw, shucks" manner, but Titchmarsh comes across as a genuinely nice guy--one who is self-deprecating. This is a truly engaging (and often very funny) autobiography.

alan titchmarsh book how to be a gardener back to basics Alan Titchmarsh Book: How to be a Gardener Book One - Back to Basics
Whether you're a complete beginner or a keen gardener, there are always times when it would help to have a reliable expert at your side. In How to be a Gardener, Alan Titchmarsh draws on his knowledge and passion for gardening, and his many years of experience, to give you a comprehensive guide that explores every aspect of your garden and how it works.
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alan titchmarsh secrets of success

Alan Titchmarsh Book: How to be a Gardener Book Two - Secrets of Success
Alan's love of gardening and years of experience designing gardens really come to the fore as he demonstrates how to create a garden to be proud of. Covering both design and plants, the chapters include boundaries and climbers, patios and containers, borders and perennials and water and wildlife gardens. Each chapter includes practical advice on design and planning, step-by-step projects to re-vamp your garden, and a host of Alan's favourite plants to guide you in your selection.

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