what not to wear trinny and susannah

Trinny and Susannah, What Not To Wear

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trinny and susannah what not to wear

Trinny Woodhall and Susannah Constantine

Present What Not To Wear for the BBC. This very popular show, takes members of the public and celebrities and points out their fashion faux pas, advising them on how to greatly improve their look with tips on basic facts and fashion tricks.

Trinny and Susannah make a formidable team and resort to bullying their subject into changing their choices when necessary. Jeremy Clarkson famously declared "I'd rather eat my own hair than shop with these two again." Trinny Woodhall started her career working in the city and, for the first three years, she boycotted feminine fashion in favour of dressing like one of the guys! She went on to work in PR and marketing and, in 1984, met Susannah, who she teamed up with to write a weekly fashion page in the Daily Telegraph. Trinny is married and has one child. Susannah Constantine has a good grounding in the fashion world having started out working for Harrods and fashion designers Alistair Blair and John Galliano. For a while she explored her journalist skills writing about cars and cricket, before joining Trinny to write their weekly fashion column and best-selling book. Susannah is married and has three children.Together Trinny and Susannah have appeared in 120 shows on satellite TV.The show 'What Not To Wear' has now completed a 7th series with new presenters Lisa Butcher and Mica Paris.
Love them or hate them we could all learn a little or a lot from them.
Trinny and Susannah - Books, Videos & DVD's
trinny and susannah what not to wear 2 the book What Not To Wear 2 - For Every Occasion

Where the first book focused on areas of the body to enhance or disguise this second book born out of the popular TV series What Not To Wear, gives advice and inspiration on outfits suitable for specific occasions. Written with Trinny and Susannah's usual ruthless honesty and biting wit this book is helpful and lots of fun.
trinny woodhall and susannah constantine
Trinny and Susannah's first book to accompany the What Not To Wear TV Series is still available in hardback and paperback editions. Buy it at the same time as book 2 and save money.
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trinny and susannah the rules dvd

Trinny and Susannah - The Rules - dvd or video

Subtitled The Art of Clever Dressing, Trinny and Susannah are prepared to practice what they preach in this visual guide on making the most of yourself and your wardrobe. Trinny and Susannah model some top fashion mistakes and reveal their problem areas! With stark honesty and candid wit they provide advice as to how women can highlight or hide as necessary. Available on dvd and vhs.

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