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Ray Winstone

Born Raymond Andrew Winstone on 19 February 1957 in Hackney, London. At age12 he was a keen boxer and was three times London School Boy Champion, he told the producer of his first TV play "I retired from boxing to become an actor so I didn't get hit" . His break into acting came with the controversial production 'Scum'

Seen as too violent and disturbing for TV audiences 'Scum' was eventually released as a commercial venture and began a long and varied career for Winstone as an actor in TV with endearing character roles such as Will Scarlett in 'Robin of Sherwood', Alan in 'Births, Deaths and Marriages', Lenny in 'Tough Love' , 'Lenny Blue' with Ralph Brown and famously 'Henry VIII' for ITV. Ray Winstone has gained great acclaim for his film roles including 'Nil By Mouth' with Kathy Burke, 'Fanny and Elvis', and 'Sexy Beast' . Winstone also enjoys performing live theatre work and has formed a TV production company. Ray Winstone appears in the award winning film 'Cold Mountain' and stars as Bors in ' King Arthur' released July 2004. He is the voice of the soldier in the 2005 animated film version of Magic Roundabout and other film projects include Ray Winstone playing 18th century poet and painter William Blake in biopic Jerusalem for his own production company.

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Ray Winstone - Film - Nil By Mouth
This gritty Brit film is set in the east end of London. Winstone plays the central character Ray, an indiscriminate violent man who resorts to taking out his frustrations on his desperate wife, played by Kathy Burke. The film is harrowing and pulls no punches in its portrayal of Ray's hopelessness and desperation as his tough world disintegrates around him. All the actor's put in excellent performances and the film should be viewed more than once to be appreciated. Contains strong language.
ray winstone nil by mouth
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ray winstone sexy beast

Ray Winstone - Film - Sexy Beast
A first rate British gangster movie, this film has it all. Fast paced, stylish and witty it centres around ex-thief Gal (Winstone) and his wife who are enjoying his retirement in Spain. Enter gangster Ben Kingsley to make him an offer he can't refuse! The characters are wonderfully portrayed in this highly entertaining film, which has many an unexpected twist. A memorable film that you will enjoy to watch over and over again.
Contains strong language.

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Ray Winstone - Film - Henry VIII
Henry VIII was first shown on British television and follows the forty year reign of one of Britain's most famous monarchs whose bawdy and womanising reputation lives on 500 years after his death. A sexy mix of power, intrigue, glamour and danger the production contains many graphic and some controversial scenes. Ray Winstone shines as the charismatic King in this lavish costume drama, which with its excellent supporting cast brings history to life. Learn poker rules and play for free.

british actor ray winstone as king henry
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