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Ralph Brown, Film and TV Actor

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Ralph Brown - Ralph Brown's Showreel

Born in Cambridgeshire, Ralph Brown is a truly versatile actor of our age among his many talents Ralph Brown has an uncanny ability to portray scary and sinister characters with humour, while oozing sex appeal. Although untrained as an actor Brown's performances are acclaimed, his regional accents are second to none and

he blends into period as well as modern drama effortlessly. He plays in thrillers, comedies and
sci-fi genres with equal aplomb. It is possible to see Ralph Brown on TV almost every day of the week, Although he is not currently starring in a long running series, Ralph Brown has featured in many of the nations favourite TV shows, including Coronation Street, The Bill, Spooks, Waking The Dead, A Touch of Frost, Dalziel and Pascoe and top rating dramas such as 'Extremely Dangerous' and 'Lenny Blue'. Ralph Brown took the lead in Channel 4's cult series 'Lock Stock..'. playing charismatic gangster Miami Vice and Ralph Brown stole scenes in the phenomenal 'Life on Mars' BBC1 and played troubled Bernard Wintersgill in 'Meadowlands' also comedies 'Nighty Night' and 'Rich Hall's Cattle Drive'. Yet Ralph Brown's small screen roles are only a part of his acting achievements, since making his film debut as drug dealer character 'Danny' into a cult hero in 'Withnail and I' Ralph Brown has gone on to appear in many Hollywood blockbusters, most famously as Aaron in 'Alien3', and Ric Olie in 'Star Wars Phantom Menace', his role as Roadie in 'Waynes World 2' was written especially for him. His British movie roles include Burton in 'Mean Machine', Phil in John Godbers 'Up and Under' and Ronnie Biggs in 'Buster'. In 2000 his film 'New Years Day' written and co-produced by Ralph Brown, in which he also takes the part of Mr Diamond, received critical acclaim and played at the Raindance Independant Film Festival.
Ralph Brown spent his formative years growing up in the market town of Lewes East Sussex. Brown studied Law at the London School of Economics and at the age of 19 he made a trip to Edinburgh Festival where Ralph says. "It suddenly occurred to me that I could make a living out of acting."
TV and film audiences alike are truly thankful Ralph Brown had his 'Damascus moment' for his brilliant performances enhance and enrich our viewing experience daily. For fun Ralph Brown still finds time to sing and play sax and keyboards with the brilliant tribute band the Brighton Beach Boys.
In 2008 Ralph Brown was busy completing several films including 'The Boat That Rocked' 2009 was a productive year for films and Ralph Brown also appears in Paul Steel's music video see it at
you tube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipP1cGC0Xbc 2010 saw Brown filming on locations including South Africa and keeping up his TV profile Ralph Brown appears in the hit BBC3 sitcom 'Him and Her' . Ralph Brown returns to directing in 2011 with a screenplay of Martina Laird's 'Fly Me to the Moon' .

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Ralph Brown - Videos & DVD's
ralph brown danny withnail

Withnail and I - 20th Anniversary Limited Metal DVD Box Edition
Ralph Brown DVDs
Re-visit Ralph Brown's universally acclaimed portrayal of Danny the Drug Dealer in this 20th Anniversary edition of the cult british film which has many extra features including audio commentary by Ralph Brown and Paul McGann. As Ralph Brown reflects '... there isn't a bad moment. It's a lesson to all film-makers everywhere that you don't need a good plot." Just incredible actors like Ralph Brown to carry off the character driven comedy and pathos!

Withnail and I: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Drunk To Ask (Paperback Book)

Ralph Brown provides the foreword for this amusing companion book.

ralph brown danny in withnail and i
ralph brown pc pete muswell the bill

The Bill - Police Drama Series 1 and 2
Ralph Brown in 'The Bill' - Police Tv Drama
"Not many people know that..." Ralph Brown played PC Pete Muswell in the first and second series' of the ever popular ITV Police drama 'The Bill'. Recently released on DVD you now have the chance to re-live the gritty days of the Sun Hill mob. Great gift for fans of 'The Bill' and a fine piece of TV history.

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