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Julie Walters, Best British Actress

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Julie Walters

Born in Birmingham in 1950, Julie Walters is consistently voted Britain's best and favourite TV actress and comedienne and gains critical success and awards with every new venture. She is unique in being so talented as to be loved as much for her comedy roles and characterization as for her often harrowing portrayals of

julie walters best tv actress

troubled women. Julie Walters could well be seen as the nations Mum but she has never been stereo typed and has met the challenge of many tough roles, managing to make the lot of ordinary people, extraordinary. Julie's Mother, was set against Julie becoming an actress, and persuaded her to become a nurse. Eventually the calling to learn to act was too great and Julie enrolled on a drama course at Manchester Polytechnic. She maintains it was not the inspiration of great literature which drew her to acting but the desire to better understand the people around her. Perhaps it this drive that we all recognise in the realism of Julie's talent. Julie has kept many long running asnd successful working relationships with writers, famously including Victoria Wood, Alan Bleasdale and Alan Bennett. Julie never fails to please her audiences and she was very touched to find that, despite her apparent reservations her Mother had kept a box crammed full of newspaper clippings about Julies acting career.

Julie Walters- Books, Videos & DVD's
julie walters biography Julie Walters - Book - Seriously Funny - The Unofficial Biography

This biography traces Julie Walter's from a poor Catholic upbringing in Birmingham and her decision to leave a secure job as a nurse to pursue a career in the arts, through romances, a period of heavy drinking and her marriage, to the tragic diagnosis of her daughter's leukaemia. Full of interviews it tells a story just as full of laugh out loud humour and heart rending drama as the parts Julie plays on screen.
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Julie Walters in Dinner Ladies dvd

Julie Walters is almost unrecognisable in her role as Victoria Wood's revolting Mother in Dinner Ladies. Her exaggerated stories of the high life are hilarious and she steals every scene she is in. Every episode of this highly acclaimed second series is here, 'Catering', 'Trouble', 'Holidays', 'Fog', 'Gamble', 'Christmas', 'Minnellium', 'Christine', 'Gravy' and 'Toast'. Superb comedy, you'll want to watch time and time again.
julie walters in dinnerladies
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julie walters in Educating Rita
Julie Walters in Educating Rita dvd

Julie Walters and Michael Caine have a sizzling on screen chemistry in the great British film about Julie Walter's Rita going to college as a mature student and ending up inspiring her tutor with her wit, determination and beauty. This is an unforgettable performance by Julie Walters, in a film which is highly enjoyable and possibly life changing.
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