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Jamie Oliver, Celebrity Chef

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Jamie Oliver

Born on May 27, 1975, Jamie Oliver grew up above his parents' Essex pub The Cricketers, where he helped in the kitchens as a tot, and experimented with his mum's Aga cooker when she wasn't looking. It was an early training which was to prove useful when he left school at 16 to attend Westminster Catering College.

Jobs at several prestigious restaurants in England and the rest of Europe followed. (He has even conquered America with Jamie Oliver's American Food Revolution and Roadtrip) By the time Pat Llewelyn, producer of the Two Fat Ladies TV cookery show contacted him after spotting him in a documentary about the Riverside Café, Jamie Oliver had already risen to the level of sous-chef at the prestigious London eatery. When the tousle-haired maestro stormed onto the TV cooking scene with his programme The Naked Chef critics were initially bemused by the 21-year-old's accent and presenting style. But they were soon forced to accept that audiences loved his simple, fun food, and good natured wide-boy persona. Having set a food revolution in motion in Britain, Jamie Oliver has taken his unique style and passion over the pond to target the USA. Oprah and the other first Lady Michelle Obama embrace him and his vision and you can follow Jamie Oliver's American Food Revolution.on Channel Four in the UK.

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Jamie's America
Jamie Oliver is one of Britain's most popular chef's and personalities his light-hearted approach and ready charm have endeared him to everybody, and now he works his magic in America. His latest venture Jamie Oliver's American Food Revolution has been embraced with enthusiasm by Oprah Winfrey but it has been harder to sell his message of healthier food to some American residents but it's the making of a great TV show for Channel 4 Jamie Oliver's American Food Revolution and will no doubt result in a best selling book.

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Jamie Oliver Cookbook: "The Naked Chef"
Designed to inspire confidence in people who may never have tried cooking before, this collection of recipes is by Britain's young chef, from the BBC2 series of the same name. It is for those who don't have time to spend all evening cooking, yet who want great food kept simple.

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Jamie Oliver Cookbook: "The Return of The Naked Chef"
There is no doubt that Jamie Oliver has captured the heart of the nation with his passion for simple, delicious, home-cooked food. If you think cooking is boring or time-consuming, or you haven't the confidence to chuck out those ready-made meals, let Jamie change all that for you. Here, he returns to get you in the kitchen with his mouth-watering recipes and new angles on favourite dishes - from the most fantastic breakfasts, tapas and bevvies to robust roasts, funky fish dishes and desserts to die for.

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