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Gordon Ramsay

Born in Scotland Gordon Ramsay was brought up in England, he seems to have been destined for media fame. He played football briefly for Glasgow Rangers before injuries forced him to give up his sporting ambitions and he poured all his energy, talent and determination into studying for a HND in Hotel Management.

Now Britain's most celebrated Chef, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant group is the only one to have held 7 Michelin Stars and Gordon Ramsay is zealous in his mission to improve the nation's cooking and appreciation of food. He has hit the headlines with his TV shows, Boiling Point, Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and his first reality TV show Celebrity Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay has successfully taken 'Hells Kitchen' to America and has completed a second series there, of which Gordon Ramsay says ' I love Yanks'! He has also made the ground breaking show for Channel 4 'The F Word' where he continued his crusade to get the nation thinking and talking food and to revive the tradition of Sunday Lunch. In his restaurants at Royal Hospital Road, Ramsay's at Claridges and the Boxwood Cafe, Gordon Ramsay serves the rich, famous and celebrities. And Ramsay reaches out to the wider public with his own range of chocolates named Secrets available in supermarkets and now his ready meal range which retail as £40.00 a unit. He has written several cookery books so that we can all try out his style of cooking in our kitchens, happily he leaves our choice of expletives to our own taste. Gordon Ramsay now has his own tableware range and has launched his autobiography Humble Pie in October 2006. Highly driven he is an inspiration and love him or loathe him it's hard to ignore Gordon Ramsay.

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Gordon Ramsay Autobiography Humble Pie Gordon Ramsay's Autobiography

As expected Gordon Ramsay's Autobiography is written in his own egotistical style and is immensely entertaining, full of drama, crammed with laugh out loud moments and always almost cringingly candid, Gordon tells us about his troubled childhood, his brother's heroine addiction, his realtionship with his wife and children, his celebrated career with all it's tumult. A cracking read and an inspired gift.
Gordon Ramsay Sunday Lunch Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch

Gordon Ramsay is determined to revive the tradition of sitting down as a family to a home cooked Sunday Lunch, but the fare doesn't need to be traditional these recipes range from Sunday roasts to lighter summer fare, from easy 30-minute meals to Italian, Indian and Moroccan influenced family feasts.
Gordon Ramsay kitchen heaven

Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Heaven 

Imagine what Gordon Ramsay can do for your kitchen. Now he brings all his formidable passion and unique advice straight from Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen to your home. With over 100 brand-new recipes - including some of the most accessible and delicious he has ever produced - Ramsay's Kitchen Heaven is a cookbook for everyone who loves food, from the complete novice to the more accomplished cook. The only quality Gordon insists upon is enthusiasm.

Gordon Ramsay's Secrets  

In this collection of recipes, Gordon Ramsay reveals some of his best-kept culinary secrets. He shows how a relatively straightforward recipe can be varied or embellished. Make a refreshing summer soup, for example,and float olive oil infused ice cubes in it - to keep it chilled and impart flavour as they melt. The book contains numerous culinary tips, expert advice on choosing ingredients, short cuts, variations and suggestions for adapting recipes for different occasions. Cooking Gordon Ramsay style doesn't have to be hell!

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Gordon Ramsay secrets
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