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Graham Norton

Graham Norton was born in 1963. His original name was Graham Walker.
He was brought up in County Cork in Ireland. His father, Billy Walker, was a Guinness representative. His mother, Rhoda Walker, was a leading figure in the Mothers' Union. His family was Protestant in a 98% Roman Catholic area.
He hoped to become a journalist but failed to get a place at journalism school.

He went to University College Cork to study English and French but dropped out at the end of his first year when he became disillusioned.
He travelled to the USA and joined a hippie commune in San Francisco. He was briefly engaged to an American girl but it was broken off when he came to recognise for the first time that he was gay. He returned to Cork and completed his degree.

Graham Norton - Books, Videos & DVD's
graham norton book the unofficial biography

Graham Norton Book: "The Unofficial Biography"
His unique blend of camp comedy, cosy chattiness, and brilliant bitchiness has earned Graham a place in the nation's hearts. But not too much is known about Graham Norton's private life, and so biographer and journalist Alison Bowyer has travelled to his native Ireland, talked to friends and relatives about this irrepressibly likeable man. No matter what anybody thinks, Graham Norton can attract just about any of the big names onto his show for a natter and a laugh at some poor website owner's expense.

graham norton book for your pleasure

Graham Norton Book: "For Your Pleasure"
Featuring a montage of highlights from his weekly Friday night series, Graham Norton: For Your Pleasure is a splendid showcase of the slickly uproarious, impeccably vulgar chat show host. Norton fans will be familiar with the formula. Included here are quite outrageously lewd confessions from members of the audience, one of whom made love to a frozen chicken only to find his parents tucking into it the next day.

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graham norton live at the roundhouse

Graham Norton: "Live at the Roundhouse"
He's deliciously insincere, shallow and vain--about himself and the world at large (or as Norton puts it, "a problem shared is gossip!"). And he's best when he's riffing off the top of his head like a Variety Gala Eddie Izzard. the difference between gay and straight lager, clothing crises and extracts from a diary he'd written at sixteen are particularly hilarious. Best of all is the atmosphere that Norton generates at the Roundhouse, which transfers perfectly onto the small screen.

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