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Derren Brown - The Events

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Derren Brown

Yes that is his real name, was born in Croydon in 1971 but is better associated with Bristol, where he studied Law and German at the University and now lives. Why German, why Bristol, why Derren! So already we have uncovered new mysteries about the man, the entertainer, the enigma Derren Brown, The Events!

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Who can begin to explain the phenomenon that is Derren Brown? Well how about Derren Brown himself? At the start of each of his TV presentations Derren Brown will seek to explain that he uses a combination of 'magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship' and the thought manipulation he achieves he calls 'mind control' . He often references the old grand masters of magic but Derren Brown is a thoroughly modern purveyor of illusion, playing to a generation who know a llittle something about NLP and psychology he appeals to their pride and leads them to believe they wouldn't be ''stupid' enough to fall for the idea of psychic powers but if they could master thought manipulation and hypnosis (by any other name) they too could gain an edge, advantage or win the lottery or beat the casino. Derren Brown The Events is his latest adventure! A series of TV shows on Channel 4 where Derren promises to predict the winning lottery numbers and then reveal the secret of how to do it. He will, he says, also demonstrate how to beat the Casino. Wouldn't we all like to know Derren Brown's secret to winning the lottery or the secret to beat the Casino? Eyes down look in for Derren Brown and all his secrets. Demand for Derren Brown Tickets is always high so take the easy option and watch him on DVD instead.
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Derren Brown - The Specials [DVD] [2008]">Derren Brown - The Specials [DVD] [2008]
In this DVD we revisit Derren Brown's most amazing pieces so far namely, Russian Roulette, The Seance, The Heist and The System..Whatever you choose to believe about Derren Brown's skills and his use of NLP and mind control, you will find this DVD an entertaining watch and a must have for Derren Brown fans. Derren Brown Buy This DVD Now- Derren Brown - The Specials [DVD] [2008]"

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Derren Brown - An Evening Of Wonders [DVD] [2008]
A DVD of Derren Brown's 2008 theatre show which was a sell out tour. Full of showmanship and mind blowing illusions, this would make a great gift for any followers of magic. The show fuses Derren's established sleight-of-hand trickery with impressive feats of memory, and astonishing stage theatrics. Buy it Now
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Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes [DVD] [2006]
This Derren Brown theatre show won the Olivier Award in the Best Entertainment category. At the end of its second and final year of touring around the UK, this one-man stage show was re-staged at The Old Vic in London and is a truly amazing spectacle, a real talking piece.
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